Capstone Assessment: Leadership in Global Development

Capstone Assessment: Leadership in Global Development The Capstone Assessment is the last step to complete the Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters credential, designed to test knowledge and skills gained in:•          LGDM1x Leaders in Global Development•          LGDM2x The Science & Practice of Sustainable Development•          LGDM3x Adaptive Leadership in Development•          LGDM4x Critical Development PerspectivesSuccessful completers of the Capstone Assessment will be awarded the MicroMasters credential. This credential can be used to support your application for The University of Queensland’s on-campus Postgraduate Programs in Global Development. More information on these programs, including other entry requirements, is available via UQ.The Capstone Assessment involves 2 graded components and a further task to demonstrate ownership and originality of your work.1)     A 30 question, multiple choice, open book exam worth 30%.  Questions will be drawn from all 4 of the Leadership In Global Development MicroMasters courses. The exam will be available throughout the 3 weeks of the Capstone Assessment run and able to be undertaken at any point. Once the exam is commenced, learners will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.2)     Completion of a 3000 word project or program proposal worth 70%. Learners chose one of three case studies, identify one development challenge outlined in the case study, and develop a proposal for a project or program which addresses this development challenge. Guidance will be provided around structure and required information.  3)     Prepare, record and upload a 3 minute video presentation, pitching your project or program to a fictitious donor organisation. Not assessable but a mandatory requirement demonstrating your deep and thorough understanding of your proposal and substantiating the project or program as your own original work.Do not enrol in this course unless you are eligible to do so, having completed and earnt a verified certificate in all four other courses in this MicroMasters series. Ineligible learners will be automatically withdrawn from the Capstone Assessment.

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