Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom U.S.-based and higher education-centered, this is a five-week, instructor-paced course that offers an inclusive teaching framework with multiple entry points for reflection and exploration of the research on learning and diversity. Anchored in the lived experiences of students and faculty, including yours, we invite you to explore strategies for inclusive course design, student-centered pedagogical practices, facilitating learning across difference, and change efforts that support student engagement, achievement, and belongingness. Come with a course of your own in mind, and design for inclusion as you make your way through Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom.You will explore: Your formative experiences as a learner, teacher, and member of a discipline Strategies and exercises helpful in communicating effectively, facilitating discussion, and modeling inclusivity when unexpected issues arise Research, frameworks, and models that help us understand why and how diversity and inclusion matter in teaching and learning If you are planning to form a learning community to take the course as a cohort, request our facilitator's guide. If you plan to take the course in the spring or want to run a spring course, plan for the spring 2020 run: February 17 - March 23.

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