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Aluma Bright - Stainless Steel Cleaner 55 Gallon

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:42:32 GMT
Aluma Bright - Stainless Steel Cleaner 55 Gallon Price: 675.00
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Make your rims look incredible. The aluma bright patented formula is the fastest rim, chrome, and aluminum cleaner on the market. Not only that, Aluma Bright chrome cleaner is designed to keep your rims and aluminum surfaces shiny longer than any other product. This is because of our special emusion technology we placed inside the formula. This means when you buy Aluma Bright... you will not have to keep cleaning the rims every other week... like other chrome and wheel cleaners. Aluma Bright is designed to keep metal, chrome, and aluminum surfaces shiny and clean... longer than any other car care product out there. Don't get stuck with buying any other chrome cleaner that is watered down... and does not include the emulsion technology to keep those rims cleaner and shinier!
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