Thursday, December 6, 2018

Marble Maverick Strip Away 32oz

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Marble Maverick Strip Away 32oz
Marble Maverick Strip Away 32oz Price: 12.99
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The non-ammoniated formula contains no harsh caustics and does not leave behind harsh alkaline residues. No residue prevents finish application problems from improper rinse procedures. Marble Maverick: Strip Away is designed to be effective as a No Scrub floor stripper. It uses a concentrated system that re-dissolves the floor finish, rather than an alkaline system that breaks the finish loose from the floor. The dissolved finish stays liquefied, reducing pad clogging, when used in a scrub application. Save 90% using Concentrate versus Ready-to-Use Cleaners. Simply purchase a ready-to-use spray bottle and re-use the bottle. Better for the environment, better for your pocket book and still the best care for your marble and stone surfaces!
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