Marble Maverick Plus - Concentrated Granite Cleaner 32oz

Marble Maverick Plus - Concentrated Granite Cleaner 32oz Price: 14.99
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Marble Maverick: Plus is a concentrated detergent cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning and hard to clean surfaces. This product penetrates deep into dirt, grease, oil and stubborn grime and dissolves it so it can be easily rinsed away. This penetrating action makes Marble Maverick: Plus effective in removing the dirt and grime that accumulates in porous and textured surfaces such as Coral Stone, Shellstone, Saturnia, Cast Stone and Concrete. Yet, it has been specifically formulated without harsh chemicals to be safe for use on outdoor fabrics, natural stone surfaces and ceramic tiles. Save 90% using Concentrate versus Ready-to-Use Cleaners. Simply purchase a ready-to-use spray bottle and re-use the bottle. Better for the environment, better for your pocket book and still the best care for your marble and stone surfaces!