Thursday, December 20, 2018

Marble Maverick - Granite Countertop Cleaner 5 Gallon

Marble Maverick - Granite Countertop Cleaner 5 Gallon Price: 127.00
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Marble Maverick: Counter Cleaner is a concentrated counter cleaner specially formulated for daily cleaning of natural stone and other fine surfaces, also works well on all types of natural and man made stone surfaces as well as tile, grout, glass, chrome and finished wood. The Gentle formula effectively removes dirt, grease and odors, leaving surfaces streak-free and shining. Conditions the surface to reduce water spotting. Marble Maverick: Marble and Granite Countertop Cleaner delivers non-acidic detergent & surfactants to dissolve the oils and debris trapped inside, which may then be wiped away - streak free. Eliminating the oils and debris from your granites pores allows your countertop to shine with all of its natural beauty.
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