Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Electric Coffee Bean Grinder - 150W, 1 Litre Bean Capacity, 16 Grinding Levels, Classic Black Design

Electric Coffee Bean Grinder - 150W, 1 Litre Bean Capacity, 16 Grinding Levels, Classic Black Design Price: 74.47
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This Electric Coffee Bean Grinder comes with 150W power, 1 litre capacity and multiple thickness adjustment options: from fine grind, medium grind to coarse grind levels.<br /><h3>Electric Coffee Bean Grinder</h3><br />There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning to get you started on a good note. A morning cup of coffee is a classic for many of us and the perfect start of the day in any season.<br /><br />The right coffee grinder is an important element of your day, as this will probably be the first machine you get to in the morning, without having yet received the much-needed coffee fix. So, your coffee grinder must be easy to operate, quick and, preferably, quiet, so you don’t wake up the whole neighbourhood in your quest for an espresso.<br /><br />This electric coffee bean grinder does most of the work for you and all your responsibilities revolve around choosing your preferable consistency and pushing a few buttons. The coffee grinder will offer you an impressive 16 level 'thickness' options: - coarse levels: for French Press machines - medium-coarse levels: you will get smaller particles, a bit thicket than coarse sand. This coffee bean consistency is good pour-over systems and auto-drip machines and you will also have less sediment when using a filter. - fine levels: this grind will result in coffee particles the size of confectioner’s sugar. It’s perfect for espresso machines and if you want to go on to make a latte, cappuccino and so on. <br /><br />So, whether you are looking for a classic and simple cup of steaming coffee, a quick and strict espresso or a foamy soft latte – this coffee bean grinder will get the job done quickly, independently and quietly.<br /><br /> This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electric coffee grinders, Chinavasion. <br /><br /><strong>At a Glance...</strong><br /><br /><br />150W<br /><br />1 Litre Capacity<br /><br />16-position grind selector, from super fine to coarse<br />
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