Saturday, November 24, 2018

Marble Infusion - Granite Sealer 1 Gallon

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Marble Infusion - Granite Sealer 1 Gallon
Marble Infusion - Granite Sealer 1 Gallon Price: 77.00
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Professional marble care companies agree, Marble Infusion Sealer gets professional results while saving your time and money in your marble and granite polishing. This marble granite sealer advanced formula creates a molecular bond within the substrate pores yielding unequaled repellence characteristics, while permitting essential vapor transmission. The marble polish produces an invisible barrier, preventing staining from food, water, oil and dirt; because they stay on the marble's surface, for easy cleaning. Marble Infusion is safe to use on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, other natural stones, brick, and terra cotta. Also works great on granite, limestone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, Corian, Sile Stone, and Caesar Stone.
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