Friday, July 13, 2018

Arb Skydome Bootswag

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Arb Skydome Bootswag
Arb Skydome BootswagArb Skydome Bootswag Fits: Universal Product Overview: You May Notice That The Skydome Swags Do Not Incorporate A Boot Mat. This Is Omitted Due To The Nature Of Such Mats Getting Dirty And Possibly Soiling The Swag When Rolled Up. With The Opportunity To Provide A Creative Solution We Introduce The First Ever Arb Bootswag. This Option Is Designed To Be Placed Alongside The Skydome Swag, Providing Not Only A Mat, But Also A Sheltered Enclosure For Storage Of Footwear And Other Items. Not Only Is This Solution For Swags, But Also For Rooftop Tents Where The Bootswag Can Be Placed At The Foot Of The Ladder. The Large Dome Area Will Suit Most Boots And You Can Even Place Your Hat On Top Of Them. Access Is Via A Zippered Front Flap. A Large Boot Mat Lets You Position The Bootswag Next To Your Swag For Convenience. The Base And Mat Is The Same Pvc Material As The Swag Base While The Dome Section Is Made Of Oxford Fabric As Seen In The Arb Rooftop Tent.

Manufacturer: ARB
Price: 33.25 USD
Advertiser Id: 4735527
Advertiser Name: Morris 4x4 Center