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Enji Prime MiniEye 

Details Without Detection

Have Something to Protect?

Your children. Your home. Your business.

All precious things. And all precious things must be protected. Security, whether in your home or business, always starts with knowledge.

Locks can be picked. Safes can be cracked. Security guards can make mistakes. No protection plan is ever completely foolproof. But with the proper monitoring plan, you will always have the truth.

Criminal activity, and even accidents, often leave clues beforehand. With the right security and monitoring solutions, you have the ability to detect such risks. Detection is the first step on the path to prevention.

With the MiniEye, you increase your chances to prevent:

* Domestic threats

* Household accidents

* Shoplifting

* Home invasion

* Employee theft

And in case you don’t prevent it, at least you will know what really happened.

Knowledge Is Power

When things go wrong, the first question we ask ourselves is “why”?

But often, other questions are more important. Forget motives. Our security cam will help you discover the who, what, when, where, and how. Empowered with this knowledge, you can go on to take appropriate action.

If you need to recover damages, always need proof. You want the most solid evidence possible. You want high quality audio and video protecting your home, business, and any other property you have.

Protect yourself before it is too late. You may regret not planning ahead.

After the break-in is too late. After the product disappears is too late. After disaster strikes is too late!

Plan ahead: prevent pain:

With the MiniEye, you get some of the most cutting edge spy camera technology on the planet. HD video, audio, night vision, and a variety of advanced features and integration options. Everything you need to capture all of the details.

What's more, it all comes in tiny package.

Details Without Detection:

Welcome to the future.

12 million pixels of HD video and images. Built in microphone. 6 infrared LEDs.

All of this from a camera the size of a gumball. With the MiniEye you get maximum feed quality with minimum detectability.

Visible security cameras can be avoided or fooled. You want your surveillance solutions to be invisible. Our mini spy cam can fit virtually anywhere, despite the power of the camera and additional features.

Such power in a tiny package makes this an excellent surveillance tool. But it also makes our MiniEye one of the most versatile mini cams money can buy. Not only can it be used in a stationary manner, but it is easily mounted for mobile recording.

The MiniEye is also great as a:

* Drone Adaptable Camera

* Dashboard Camera

* Vlogging Camera

* Extreme Sports Camera

* Documentary Spy Camera

In truth, the uses for your MiniEye are only limited by your own creativity. Once you have one, you're likely to find new uses for it all of the time.

Just like everyone else, there are times when you wish you would have had proof. Your new mini mobile spy cam will give you just that peace of mind you need. An inconspicuous HD video and audio recorder ensure that you'll never miss an important moment.

Choose your MiniEye today and make sure that you get the Details Without Detection.