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3D printers and pens typically use a process known as fused filament fabrication to build prototypes and parts directly from computer-aided-design (CAD) data sources. 3D printer and printing pens may also allow building without a data source, similar to using a traditional drawing utensil. To create the design, 3D printers stack layers upon layers of molten material upon one another, which is then allowed to cure by hardening. Both portable and 3D printers print material that is provided in filament or wire form and is fed through an extruder within the print head, similar to how ink is used in a standard printer. A 3D pen or printer with a single extruder can print using one filament at a time, while a printer with dual extruders can print with two different materials or colors at the same time. The thickness of the printed layers can be customized for each print, but the thinnest layer that a printer can make is called its maximum resolution. Choosing to print using very thin layers will create parts with more detail, but will typically take longer to print.