Kidney Problems? What if you only had 5 years to live?

I had total kidney failure...
Kidney Problems? What if you only had 5 years to live?
Find out how to AVOID Kidney Dialysis...
Kidney problems leaving you feeling helpless?
Kidney problems... did you see this?

I am here to alert you to why it is critical
to get expert help for yours or your loved one's
worsening kidney problems like:
- excess fluid retention
- hypertension (high blood pressure)
- toxin elimination problems
- chronic fatigue
- itching with no known cause
- chronic insomnia
- irritability
- loss of appetite
- nausea and vomiting
- iron anemia
- weakness and lack of stamina
- bone softening, bone pain and weakness
Please take action to halt progression of
kidney disease -- before it is too late!
*** FACT:
Most people wait too long to get help for their
kidney problems until it is too late --
and then they have stage 3 or 4 kidney damage
so severe they end up on dialysis...OR WORSE!
Don't let that happen to you or your loved one!

Did you know that...
* 1 in every 5 people during their first year on dialysis
in the U.S. will DIE?
* Kidney disease affects 4 in every 10 people over age 65!
* People with chronic kidney disease are 16 to 40 times
more likely to die with severe kidney failure because of
complications such as a heart attack or stroke!
It's all true!
Now that I have your attention...
Do you want to know how to prevent your kidney problems from
getting any worse and avoid the horrors of suffering with dialysis?
Then please read the rest of this email closely...
When your kidneys are working properly they perform
5 main functions which are critical for health:
* Clean waste materials, certain chemicals and toxins from the blood
* Retain or excrete salt and water to maintain homeostasis
* Regulate blood pressure
* Stimulate bone marrow to make red blood cells
* Control the amount of calcium and phosphorous absorbed and excreted
If you don't heed the warning signs and symptoms of worsening
kidney disease you can experience kidney impairment which may
lead to being chained to a dialysis machine or -- even death...
Remember... if your health is too poor to be able to be put on
a kidney donor list you or your loved one will
most likely will die of kidney failure.
Many times people may not experience any symptoms
until their kidney disease is well advanced.
Early signs that the kidneys may be diseased include
blood or protein in the urine or elevated blood pressure readings
and if you already know your kidneys are in trouble...
So, if the thought of having worsening kidney disease...
and going on dialysis fills you with dread...
Then it's time to get proactive and make some lifestyle
changes to help overcome your Kidney disease problems
and keep you off the operating table for good!
If dialysis is not something you or your loved one want to
experience... then check out the link below and
discover how to overcome kidney disease
and quickly improve kidney health with proper diet
and supplements.
Find out how to Permanently Avoid Dialysis!
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Thanks for reading, and I will be back with the lifestyle
information soon.
Kind regards.
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Find out how to halt the progression of Kidney Disease Now!